ONDiGO's most popular features:

Data Sync - Automated

From now on, every time you interact with a Salesforce contact or lead, ONDiGO will automatically sync that activity to Salesforce.

Personal and Team KPI Snapshot

  • SLA
  • Rep/Prospect response time
  • Email/Call/meeting counters
  • Breakdown of meetings by category/vendor
  • And more..

Personal and Team Activity Reports

Take a metric-driven approach to becoming a top-performer. See what works and what doesn't in your pipeline, account-engagement, and lead management. Increase sales-productivity to impact your bottom line. Launch new strategies based on your real-life activity patterns.

Mobile and Landline Call Visibility

Gain visibility into the hidden world of mobile calls using ONDiGO's mobile apps.
Calls conducted on mobile devices will be automatically logged to Salesforce. 

Using a 3rd party vendor to log calls? That will show up on your activity report as well. 

Customer Sentiment Alerts

Get notified whenever your prospects or customers show intent-to-buy, consider termination, or ready to sign a contract you’ve sent. See which competitors get mentioned the most on your team’s email communication, and who you are being compared to. 

Anomaly Alerts

Get real-time alerts about opportunities at-risk, and get them back on track.  

Anomaly detection eliminates the need for managers to micro-manage their reps and assist management with visibility and transparency into what is going on with the reps. For humans, it’s practically impossible to analyze large volumes of sales data. 

With ONDiGO’s anomaly detection, you can understand evolving behavior in your sales funnels and easily spot anomaly in real time.

Slack Bot

ONDiGO Slack Bot lets you add leads & contacts to Salesforce, get briefed about people you meet minutes before meeting them, and pull BI reports straight from Slack!

New Salesforce Contacts & Leads

ONDiGO automatically creates new Salesforce contacts & leads based on your email & calendar activity, keeping your Salesforce up-to-date.

ONDiGO - 1 Min Demo video

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